Gentle Cleansing Emulsion

Gentle, Effective Cleanser for Brighter, Fresher Skin

A gentle, effective formula that thoroughly cleanses the skin and prepares it for a complete daily routine.

Soothes and Pampers the SkinAlteromonas Ferment Extract (AFE) protects skin from inflammationContains antioxidant propertiesVery stableLight Texture Cleansing MilkGlides smoothly over the faceWorks efficiently requiring no scrubbing witha face clothRinses off with a splash of waterNon-drying, non-irritatingIFRA compliant fragrancePurecleanseFor normal, sensitive or ultra-sensitive skinIdeal for skin prone to redness and rosaceaIdeal for oily skinEfficiently removes makeup, oil and other impuritiesDaily use soothes and brightens skinLeaves skin feeling soft and refreshedFirst step in the Rejudicare SkinConditioning System


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