Reverse past UV damage and protect skin from future damage with RejudiCare Photozyme.

Sunscreen is not enough. Even the best sunscreens cannot prevent 100% of DNA damage due to UV radiation. The body can only repair up to 50% of DNA photodamage. There is now conclusive evidence that Photozyme technology repairs DNA photodamage, specifically preventing CPD(dimers) and UV-induced telomere shortening.

The only topical product that combines three different DNA repair enzymes, delivered in a light, non-greasy formula that your patients will love.WHO IS IT FORPatients who are interested in improving the health of their skin and delaying the signs of aging, including:Anyone with sun damage, including patients with a history of pre-cancerous lesions or skin cancer.Anyone recovering from a non-invasive procedure including Photo Dynamic Therapy.

WHY PATIENTS WILL LOVE ITRepairs past UV damage and prevents future damage for healthier skin.Boosts the results of their current anti-aging skincare regimen by repairing cell damageLight, non-greasy formula that is ideal fo use under other skincare products and make-up.Great for all skin types.

PHOTOZYME DNA Youth Recovery Serum

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