Exclusive to Fade in Saskatchewan.  Forlle'd facials combine noble prize winning research with patented ingredients and a unique complex to optimize the health of your skin by boosting its mechanisms and metabolic processes.  Low-molecular weight HA is blended in synergy with Ceramides 3, Platinum, ionized minerals, Eggshell membrane protein and pearl proteins to offer the healing, repair and regeneration the skin demands.  All Forlle'd facials are luxurious, high tough treatments which begin with the ritual of Japanese Double Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, essence penetration, invigorating massage and mask application. 


Sparkling Oxygenic Facial

Revitalize dull, lack lustre skin and restore a luminous glow.  In this treatment, Carboxytherapy works to increase blood flow and micro-circulation to oxygenate the skin making it a true Glow Getter.


Bio Filler Facial

A precision Forlle'd treatment designed to as an alternative to Dermal Fillers for clients seeking to improve the overall density and firmness of their skin.  Concerned about expression lines and wrinkle depth?  This treatment targets premature signs of ageing pairing manual techniques with precisely dosed ingredients including molecular weight hyaluronic acid, pearl proteins and ionized minerals to plump the skin from the inside out.


Platinum Glow Facial

A universal, global anti-ageing solution which addresses all the signs of ageing including photodamage and sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity.  Platiunum is the most powerful anti-oxidant protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental aggressors, UV and blue light.  Ideal for mature skin in need of regeneration and fortification.