Avoid all blood thinners including alcohol, advil, aspirin, aleve, omega3, fish oil, vitamin e, ginkgo, st. johns wort, or garlic to avoid bruising.


Inform your provider if you have history of cold sores to receive advice on antiviral therapy prior to treatment.



Day 1: 

Ice the area on & off if needed.

Avoid all blood thinners as mentioned above for at least 24hrs.

Drink lots of water as it helps to decrease chances of bruising & increase healing.

Tylenol can help decrease pain without causing additional bruising or bleeding.

Avoid touching or direct pressure to injection site. 

Avoid makeup, exercise, & extreme temperatures. 

For chin & cheek filler- sleep on back for x2 weeks

Day 2:
Continue to ice the area
You can resume normal activity & wear makeup.
You can start to gentle massage lips to avoid any granulomas (lip filler).

Day 3:
Apply warm compress to help speed up healing & minimize bruising

Start to massage lips if any bumps or nodules are felt